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With over 40 years combined experience, the studio creates custom works of art unique to the needs and desires of each client.

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Iron Age Studios

Repousse. Hand-Forging. All Metals. Lighting. Furniture. Railings. Gates and More! Unlimited custom design concepts. More than 40 years of creative energy and fire. Passion. Iron Age Studios is forged from 40 years of combined experience of design and fabrication, working with other custom ornamental metal shops. Deborah Nesbit has welded all of the necessary people and elements together to create this new artistic venture. The passion for this process and the rhythm of the designs produced at Iron Age Studios. The studio creades custom works of art unique to the needs and desires of each client. Careful attention to detail and unlimited design concepts result in metalwork which captures the ballance between strong and delicate, artistic and functional. The commitment to quality at Iron Age Studios ensures that each piece will be a pleasure for generations to come.

Our 'Iron Maiden' is inspired by a Roman legend that Vulcan (the god of volcanic fire, metalworking and the fine arts) turned his daughter into a bird to spread teh message of blacksmithing to the world.

Our shop contact info: Address 4528 Crosstown Expwy Dallas, TX 75223

Phone: 214-827-8860

Fax: 214-827-8108